Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Where can you be found on social media?

I can’t, unless you deem Substack to be ‘social media’, which it isn’t (It’s a platform for presenting your work to the public, in the form of regular newsletters and a kind of permanent website).
I despise social media, especially, though not exclusively, Twitter. I have had a couple of Twitter accounts for dedicated purposes (an election in 2020 and a rather forlorn and failed promo account for my Substack page), but have never personally issued a tweet, nor engaged with any other tweeter. 

The only place I am to be found online is on my Substack page, which is called ‘John Waters Unchained’. It does exactly what it says, and is to be found at 

Where do we access your current work?

Apart from Substack (, the only place I write these days is First Things, a New York-based magazine that addresses matters of ‘religion in the public square’. This allows for a pretty broad brush, extending to politics, culture, economics and pretty much anything that concerns the human soul in modern society. I don’t write for FT as often as I used to, but that’s something I’d like to correct, as it is by far the best magazine in the English language — and possibly in any language, period. 

Is there an archive of your past work? 

No and yes. A good deal of my work over the past 20 years at least is now available online.  My Substack articles since 2020 are available at 

Most of this material, which includes many video and podcasts interviews, is available free of charge. My weekly diary, published since February 2021, requires a paid subscription to access. 

My First Things articles since 2017 (more than 50 in number) are available at

It is possible to find a great deal of my work for the Irish Times, up to February 2014, when it ceased to be a half-decent newspaper (becoming an indecent waste of good trees) on that paper’s website. The best way I know of searching is to insert my name, some key words from the topic being researched, or  — ideally — the headline of the column in question. If the article is paywalled you will almost invariably be able to read it by inserting the link into 

In addition, I can be found on YouTube, Bitchute, Vimeo, Rumble and Odyssee, in countless video interviews and recorded talks, though finding them can be hit-and-miss due to Big Tech censorship, shadow-banning et cetera.  There are also some articles of mine on sundry sites like The Spectator, Humanum, — though, again, this can be a bit hit-or-miss. 

Who is your publisher?

I have published 10 books but have had 12 different publishers. I like to think that this publication promiscuity has more to do with the fragility of the publishing industry that any defect of character on my part. Roughly half my books have been published in the UK, the remainder solely in Ireland. My most recent book, Give Us Back the Bad Roads, was published in Ireland only, by Currach Books, and can be sourced at

Most of my former publishers are now defunct, so it is not possible to buy my books directly. But most of them are available secondhand from various online bookseller sites. For what I hope are obvious reasons I do not recommend Amazon, or any of its multiple subsidiaries (or camouflaged aliases). 

But I do recommend Currach books (see above) for Give Us Back the Bad Roads,

and Kenny’s Books, Galway:

What about your plays?

That was rather a long time ago. One of my plays, Long Black Coat (1994) exists in book form, having been published by New Island Books. It can still be bought secondhand, as above. 

My other plays were mostly for radio (BBC Radios 3 and 4), and are not — as far as I know — available to download.